5 Best Basic Ideas for Interior Designing


There are already some great interior designing principal fundamentals presented here. Here we bring some basic ideas for interior designing. If you are just thinking of designing your home or office, just go through these basic interior design principles generally followed by all the interior designers to generate a great home environment. You can also check several other interior designing and photography ideas at our website.


This is the most significant among basic ideas of interior designing. A simple man will also look for a balance of color and prints or a contrast of color and prints while buying apparel. The same vision is envisaged by an interior designer while he decorates the room.  Balance is of three kinds i.e. Symmetrical, Asymmetrical and Radial.

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Creativity of Interior designer comes into action when it comes to identifying a focal point. Architects and interior designers always keep a central focal point in their mind. It can be a chandelier fitted in the ceiling, a fireplace or a window with a beautiful scenic view outside. Furniture and other accessories are often arranged in a way that the beauty of central focal point of the room is elevated further. No need of spending bomb on each and every object of the room. Just spend little extra on one focal point and create a lavish look for the room.


Rhythm is just a continuous flow repeating itself to create an effect of calmness and beauty. Use of same color and same design is dominated in the Rhythms. Sometimes a theme adapted in one room is extended or applied in other areas of décor to create a rhythm. Soft colors and mild designs are generally used to create rhythm in the offices. Further the variations are single rhythm and alternate rhythm. See the use of alternate rhythm in a staircase.

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Proportion and Scale

Here the underlying science in the art of interior designing comes out. Out of scale positioning and out of scale sizes may create an untidy look. Proportions and Scales are to create a parallel effect throughout the décor. The proportion of certain small area to the large section would be same as that of the large section to another larger section or to the room


Finally, interior designing is decorating home in such a way that any corner of your room or any area of your décor should not be look out of place. In spite of using contrasts and asymmetrical concepts, ultimately unity should rein coz a house or a room should be standing as a total and not to be looked upon as scattered pieces. Watch out for unity of color in the room even in little presence of other contrasts.

Above are the basic ideas which should be applied by any interior designer while decorating the interiors of any area; be it a room, an office or a home place.  We have presented the above ideas on interior designing based on the fundamental principles of this art. These ideas are must to be applied for decorating your interiors regardless of the cost and range available.

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