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The Top Trends in Cafe Lighting for 2015

Cafe Lighting 101

Lighting is an activity that is indispensable to cafe and restaurant owners. With the proper lighting design, your cafe is transformed from an ordinary looking room to a room that is very inviting, attractive and very cosy. It is thus very important to only seek services from a professional lighting designer  for your cafe lighting as their high levels of experience will help them know the best combination of lighting systems that perfectly suits your setup. Contrary to what majority believe in, lighting design requires a lot of creativity, time and sacrifices. This issue has never been more evident as witnessed only recently after ushering in the new year 2015. This article is dedicated to discussing the top cafe lighting trends for the year tom dixon

Thanks to lighting designers, we now have an overwhelming wide range of lighting design choices to choose from. Some of these styles are largely getting their inspiration from the past while others are purely focused on the future. Even styles which are reminiscent of the past have been currently shaped and moulded by visions of what the future holds. This is being marked by the increasing popularity of energy efficient options and stylish new sustainable options even in styles which are retro-inspired.

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Let us explore and discover the major and the top lighting trends for the year 2015 and beyond:

Tom Dixon lighting designs.

Tom Dixon is a well known lighting designer allover the world. His unique and world class lighting designs still continue to wow the entire world. He is the kind of a person who certainly knows how to read the minds of his clients and knows how to give them the best. His wide range of collection includes contemporary pendant, table and floor lights including the bestselling Mirror Ball and the Copper Shade. His lighting accessories range include a pendant system that is highly innovative. This helps to create a lighting look that is well clustered. His designs are mostly inspired by the unique heritage of Britain and are London designed. They are made using unique materials and processes. With lighting products such as Trace Tall, Beat Table Brass, Beat Table Black, Linear Pendant System, Base Brass Floor Light and Etch Shade Black among others, it is to nobody’s surprise why Tom Dixon’s designs continue to be a favorite form of cafe lighting allover the world. His designs also come at very competitive prices.

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David Trubridge Lighting Designs.

He is the only internationally recognised lighting and furniture designer in New Zealand. From his manufacturing and studio facility located in Hawkes Bay, he has developed a high and a serious world wide following for his iconic and unique range of lighting and furniture. He deeply cares about transparency and aspires to make his lighting business environmentally aware and ethical. His lighting design has been described in the past as eco-conscious, eco-friendly and green and he is constantly improving his processes. What makes his lighting stand out in the industry is that he does not use chemical finishes but rather use bamboo that is sustainably sourced. All his coloured lights use a purely water-based paint that is specially made by Resene in New Zealand. His lights are unique and they create a rich, ambient atmosphere that evokes warmth and intimacy within a space. His kit-set lights are designed to generate patterns and shadows that will richly reflect on all the surrounding surfaces. His lighting designs come in several different forms such as coral, Kina, basket, swirl, snowflake and solar among others. This is doubtlessly what makes his style feature in the list of 2015 top cafe lighting trends all over the world.

Other trendy lighting designs include:

Pendant Lighting.

At the moment, pendant lighting has become a very hot item. While we are still in the first quarter of 2015, we are seeing a marked upward surge when it comes to the demand of pendant lights as compared to the previous years. Some in-demand for pendant lighting have drawn inspiration from the past while other forms and styles are uniquely and solely contemporary in design. Both drum and bowl pendants are important silhouettes. Another important category here is the multi-light pendants where many restaurant owners and trend-setters are deciding on incorporating different fixtures in their interior designs.

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This year has also marked a very strong demand for chandeliers. A couple of clear chandelier trends are emerging. To begin with, a significant demand for contemporary value-priced chandeliers that do not compromise on style has been noted. In this category, we have the mini chandeliers. They not only give your cafe a ‘home’ look but also give your clients a very welcoming and a peaceful surrounding.

Copper coloured light fixtures

These have become very trendy in 2015. They are making appearances not only in cafes but also in many different places including homes, pubs and theaters. A high number of lighting purveyors have decided not to be left behind and as such, they are catching up with this trend. This trend is offering a wide range of lovely pendant lights which are copper coloured. They also come in different copper lamps and sconces. They give your restaurant an inviting and a calm look and have been proven to be useful in any kind of weather condition.

LED Lighting

The reason why LED lighting has made it to 2015’s list of top cafe lighting designs is quite simple:they are practical and come at affordable prices as compared to other lighting alternatives. Most cafes and restaurants have adopted the use of LED lighting for outdoor use. This is mainly because many clients prefer outdoor activities.

When it comes to cafe lighting, the choice of the lighting design is entirely an individual’s and you shoud contact your local lighting store. However, when choosing the particular design you want to incorporate, it is highly advisable that you put into consideration the tastes and preferences of your clients as well as that of the other stakeholders. To make your restaurant look trendy and fashionable, it is considered wise keeping in touch with the latest trends and designs in cafe lighting. The above list, though not exhaustive, will shed some lights into your way and will help you in making a well informed decision.



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Latest Home Décor Trends in Interior Designing

Here we bring you the latest home décor trends in interior designing following industry’s best design professionals. At the onset of year 2015, some trends have maintained themselves, some have become even louder, while some have been replaced beautifully, just for arrivals of hottest ones. 2015 is going to be a year setting trends for bold copper colored fixtures, contrast colored furnishings, large canvases and wallpapers and natural designs as well as graphic patterns in home décor trends.  Do check these latest trends to follow for decoration of interiors before you spend bomb on your home decors.

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Glamorous metal mixes

Metal mixing of copper and rose coppers are kicking off new trends of colors in modern interiors’ designing everywhere. The interior designing has witnessed a revival of copper and brass trends in the homes; be it lighting fixtures, bathroom fixtures, furniture, accessories, or cutleries. Copper Blush color is fast replacing the silver, white and simple black. Effective hues drawn from mixing of warm metals like copper with cooler one like silver is taking its turn now. Home fixtures are going bold with new hues of metallic colors. Silver and steel are no more the color limits of fixtures. Well, now start imagining your bathroom with gold and copper colored faucets for a lavish touch in your bathrooms.

Floors are at top!

Flooring is a significant element of interiors which highlights the room. Extensive variations are seen in the trends of floorings and tiles. Instead of following one or double, several patterns are followed at a time in floorings and tiles.  Floors are at the top for the highest number of varieties they maintain at a same level of popularity in the same span of time. The fascination created by the colorful graphic tiles are already floored and walled at the premises of hi-tech offices and hotels. It is is now on show at the homes too. These graphic tiles have journeyed from commercial to home spaces.

The geometrical designs are still in vogue. Natural floral and leafy patterns are also favorites of interior designers. Stripes and floral; geometrical and plains will be going hand in hand to floor you homes this year. Moreover open concept floors are also not overlooked.

Blue is the color!

Blue represents verve and it was true for interior design last year as well as for this year. Blue promises to be the most chic for interior ornamentation of home furnishings. Be it variations of navy blue, turquoise or indigo, a stable color in home designs and furnishing fabrics this year is blue. Pillows, Chairs with heavy blue accents are already showing up at the home decors.

Mild blue, modern aquamarine-blue are popular among designers. Sky blue shades are cool whereas royal and deep blue are the hottest bluish shades. Dazzling blue shade is mostly used by the interior designers to add verve of energy and style to the decors. It is easy to mix and combine bold dazzling blue with other bold colors like heavy pink, orange and purple.


Texture fusions rein over furnishing fabrics

Texture fusion is reining the decoration of fabrics of home furnishings this year. Checkered wool is beautifully layered with silk, linen or rich velvets creating marvel due to the contrast of color, design as well as texture. Matching is a myth now and paradoxical designs and colors are taking over in 2015. You can also check for more inspiration. Don’t take it as a surprise if you see light beige or soft grey sofas placed with vibrant colored pillow covers like pink, yellow and orange. Fusion of velvets with linen and silk was already in during last year for the apparels. Now the trend has entered arena of home furnishings too.

If you are making up your interiors this year, you would definitely not want it to be an outdated one. Above are the veering trends of 2015 for you to follow and make your home décor stylish and in-trend. Keep your home décor in style with the latest interior designing trends of 2015.